Storage Tips for Stuffed Animals

stuffed-toys-shelfOne of the primary tasks in the care and maintenance of stuffed animals involves adequate and correct storage solutions. Sure they may be toys to begin with but that does not exclude them from the usual wear and tear and having the right space to hold them when not in use will ensure that they are kept clean and pristine for years to come.

There are various factors to consider when choosing what storage options to invest in. It will depend on the size of your collection, the dimensions of each item, their sensitivity to various elements and whether or not they are for play or mere display. This makes it crucial to first assess and get to know one’s stuffed animals to begin with.

Additionally, one has to consider the space to be worked on. Where others can easily add in a cabinet or two, these pieces of furniture may be too bulky for smaller spaces. In such instances, floating shelves, the use of vertical storage to maximize per square inch of wall and corner shelving are great options.

For people who have tons of stuffed animals and kids who play with them in the house, toy chests, boxes and baskets are a neat way to hold all those toys in. Moreover, they prove to be easy to use even for children. All you’d have to do is toss them in and we’re done. For a smaller stash, they can be conveniently placed atop dressers, beds or sofas with no fuss. Just make sure that they don’t end up living on the floor or you’ll have to toss them into the washer for a bath more often than you intend to.

In the event that you’ve got rare and collectible stuffed animals, it is best to keep them away from easy reach of both children and pets. They can be more sensitive and let’s not forget that they’re quite expensive too. We can’t afford for them to get damaged. They may even be stored in glass door cabinets or book cases for added protection from the usual dust and dirt.

Storage solutions should also be adequately placed. Make sure to avoid installing them in areas that are prone to moisture, packed with humidity and are exposed to direct and constant heat. This is because the moisture can encourage the growth of yeasts and molds causing the stuffed animals to rot while heat can easily fade out colors and damage certain parts and accessories.

Ways to Care for Your Collectible Teddy Bears

Steiff-black-bearsCollectible teddy bears are such a joy to have. More than rarity and the sense of exclusivity, their stories and histories make them quite the memorabilia, a memento of sorts. But with that comes responsibility. These toys won’t fend for themselves. They need us to take care of them and if we want them to last a lifetime or more, think heirlooms, then we need to apply adequate and proper care. Today, we tell you how.

Storage plays an integral part in terms of sanitation and safety. Options like open shelving, cabinets and similar installations make way for both display and safekeeping. For those with the budget, glass cases or cabinets with glass doors can help keep as much dust and dirt out. Moreover, keeping them away from moisture and humidity is a must as the two have a way of rotting the toys for good.

Aside from protecting the toys from as much dirt as possible, proper storage keeps them away from prying hands and paws. Although collectible teddy bears can be played with too, with the exception of sensitive and rare vintage pieces, they’re not going to bid well with toddlers and pets.

Cleaning is also part of the equation. A few dusting every once in a while is enough to get them clean but in some cases where stubborn stains are involved, washing becomes an option. Because collectibles are often made of special materials like precious metals for instance and vintage pieces being sensitive, the expertise of a professional toy repair shop may be required. In such cases, it would be best to locate one within the area. Seeking guidance from them should also help shed some light as to what amount of cleaning can be done to a particular bear. After all, teddies are unique and their needs will vary.

Regular inspection should also be done. Sometimes collectible bears may be left on their shelves for long and although this is fine, we never know if we’ve missed something until we take a hard look. For instance, insects may come to find the toys and decide to invade it, rather its stuffing. This can be a very nerve wrecking issue for collectors because it has all the potential to damage the collectible teddy bears for good. Running a regular check every several weeks or so can help prevent this from happening.

Shopping Steiff Bears for Children

steiff_bearsWhen it comes to shopping for children, so much care and caution must be present. After all, we need to ensure their safety. A lot of kids may be smart but they’re often too young to fend for themselves alone. As adults, we need to step up and do the precautionary measures. With that said, here are some important reminders when shopping Steiff bears for kids.

Choose what they like. Come on, even children can identify things they enjoy and don’t enjoy. It would also be futile to buy them something that’s not of their liking. Find something that they are likely to fancy and fits their tastes and preferences. Don’t worry though because their standards aren’t very complicated. For instance, go for a certain color or pattern that they favor and remember that you’re not buying for yourself. Resist that urge.

Make sure that you pick a toy that’s age appropriate. What’s good for one may not be the same for another. Think about it this way. A five year old’s toy won’t be enjoyed by a one year old and vice versa. The same holds true in terms of safety. As a rule of thumb, toys should not be bigger in terms of height or dimension and heavier than the kid playing with them. This is so that incidents of suffocation are prevented. Any toy that is bigger than the child may end up toppling over them especially during sleep which blocks their airflow.

Check what they already have. Having more toys won’t hurt at all especially in the perspective of a child but do avoid purchasing a teddy bear for them that they already have. Doubling up the item may not be harmful but it just cuts off the excitement and makes the present lackluster or less of a joy than it would have been. If you can, find out what they already have in their stash.

Go for durability. This is a must considering that kids aren’t the most careful of people and they will bring these toys to every adventure they can think of. The great thing about Steiff bears is that they are manufactured with absolute quality and durability. As Margarete Steiff, the brand’s founder, has put it: “Only the best is good enough for children.” This has prompted the company to continuously uphold high standards in production from ensuring that materials used are safe and that the toys will last for at least a lifetime.

Go to for more on Steiff.

How to Wash Stuffed Animals Like a Pro

washing-stuffed-animalsEver wondered if you could wash your favorite stuffed animals? Of course you can. Give those babies some well deserved bath. You don’t have to spend all your ice cream money to bring them to a specialty toy repair shop. (Nothing wrong with that by the way!) You can do it like the pros do it all in the convenience of your own home. Here’s how.

STEP 1: To get rid of loose dust and dirt, give the toy a light shake while carefully tapping here and there. Apply extra care for the old and vintage toys.

BONUS: If you have reason to believe that bugs have infested the toy, place it inside a sealed plastic bag and put it in the freezer for at least twenty four hours. This should kill those pesky insects and their eggs. You’ll then have to remove the old stuffing before proceeding with the next steps. (After drying, you’ll have to put in new stuffing and sew the toy back up.)

STEP 2: In a small basin, mix lukewarm water with mild detergent. Remember that the water should never be hot or boiling. Heat can damage the toy and dull out its colors. Worse, it can melt some of its plastic parts.

STEP 3: Grab a clean, white soft cloth and dampen it with your solution. Wipe the entire toy with this making sure to gently rub it to get rid of the dirt. Switch the sides or get a fresh cloth if the one you are using is already dirty.

ALTERNATIVE: If you need a more thorough cleaning, you can machine wash the toys. First, place them inside a mesh bag or pillow case (for protection of the toy and the machine in case some buttons loosen up) before dropping them into the washing machine with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Rinse until all signs of soap are gone. You can also use a machine dryer afterwards for faster results.

STEP 4: After which, take a dry white cloth and start to pat and towel dry the toy. This should remove as much water before you can proceed to air dry or hand dry it in cool setting. Remember, no heat!

STEP 5: To plump the toy up, use a wide toothed comb to bring back their fluffiness to former glory. And just like that, your stuffed animals enjoyed their spa day!

Here’s Why It’s Fun to Buy Teddy Bears Online

steiffbearShopping for toys is fun but getting to buy teddy bears online is way cooler. Whether you’re buying presents for your kid, getting your best friend something special for their birthday or even looking for that particular collectible piece you’ve been wanting to add to your stash, the internet can be your friend. Correction, your best friend and here are the reasons why.

  1. You don’t have to change into something else. If you’re wearing your pajamas or haven’t washed your face, that’s fine. There’s no one to there to judge your frizzy hair, unruly brows and day-old shirt. You can be in the comforts of your own home and get to shop. You can even be in bed and there’s no fuss about it. Go shop!
  2. You can travel, albeit digitally. If the teddy bear you want to purchase is not available in your area, no worries. You can still get your hands on those furry wonders and have them delivered straight to your doorstep, sometimes all wrapped up like a present if you choose to. You can purchase from anywhere in the world without having to jump into a plane, not even a bike.
  3. All it takes is a press of a button. Or in the world of smart phones and tablets, it only takes a tap or a swipe. No more falling in line and wasting time at long queues at the counter. No more traffic going to and from a shop or the business district. Plus, a few words in your search bar leads to thousands of teddy bear options alongside stores and brands for you to buy from. All that with a single tap.
  4. You’ll have more options. The more the merrier, right? Sometimes the available designs and brands within your vicinity feel a little redundant. You want something different and interesting. Online shopping gives you that because you get an unlimited number of options before you.
  5. You get to save. Since there’s no more need to drive or travel, you save on gas money. Without the long queues, you save on time too. That’s two birds with one stone. Just see to it that you schedule and check the shipping terms and costs as well as the custom duties and taxes, if any, to see if they are reasonable with the purchase.

So, are you excited to buy teddy bears online because we sure are!

This is Why People Go Crazy for Collectible Teddy Bears

Steiff-Teddy-Bear-MuseumCollectible teddy bears have found their way into the hearts and shelves of many toy aficionados and enthusiasts worldwide. It’s no longer surprising to see them among the other exquisite and much talked about pieces in various museums and auctions all over the globe. They’re quite a phenomenal hit among many and can even fetch millions of dollars per piece. Remember that Steiff Louis Vuitton bear?

But why exactly do many people go crazy over collectible teddy bears? We’ve got the answers so go on and read!

  1. They hold a piece of history.

Collectible pieces come in two forms, a limited edition release and a vintage find. Sometimes and in rare instances, it can be both. For example, the Steiff Mourning Bear released as a commemoration and sign of grief during the tragic sinking of the Titanic is rare that only 600 pieces were made and they were released around 1912. Old and vintage bears hold a piece of history in them which is pretty priceless to say the least.

  1. They’ve got quite the story to tell.

Many of these collectibles have an interesting note to them. They may not be special in a way that they were limited models but they’re a gem because of their previous owners and the events they have witnessed with their glass and button eyes.

  1. They’re one of a kind.

For obvious reasons, collectible teddy bears are one of a kind. Not everybody has them and only one or a relative few survive among particular models from old. Limited editions come in small batches making them very exclusive. There’s a certain charm to this element that draws people in.

  1. They’re round about adorable.

We have to admit that toys are adorable in their own ways. Teddies are cuddly and cute and pretty charming so it’s hard not to notice them. There’s a certain tone and aura to these toys that can make you smile and go “ooh” and “aah”.

  1. They’re a piece of heirloom.

Collectible teddy bears can be very valuable in terms of money. They aren’t cheap to begin with. While some can be considered more affordable for newbie collectors, there are those that are skyrocket expensive you won’t even believe that they exist! This makes them not just a collection item but also a heirloom of sorts passed from one generation to another.

You can check out more bears here

Common Damages in Stuffed Animals and How to Fix Them

stuffedanimalsStuffed animals are no stranger to damages. They are after all toys and they’re bound to be played with. Wear and tear can take its toll on them eventually but there are ways to fix damages and bring your favorite cuddly wonders back to their clean and charming selves.

Take a look at this list of common damages in stuffed animals and the different means and methods of fixing them. We assure you; these will come in handy someday.


Perhaps the most common predicament of all, stains are no longer foreign to our ears and our sights. At some point we come to expect them even. For minor stains, a damp cloth should do the trick but in more severe cases, the toy will have to be fully submerged and washed. No matter the dirt, never use bleaching products.


Another usual dilemma, hems and seams tend to loosen up or get broken at some point. The best toys out there may have absolutely durable stitching but nothing in this world is fully indestructible. Fear not though because there isn’t anything that your basic sewing skills can’t do.


This one is way trickier than the former because a part of the stuffed animal has completely detached or fallen off from its body. Sounds murderous right? Again, this is fixed by sewing or the use of fabric glue but in the event that the damage is too large to handle, you might have to bring it to a repair shop.


At times, an eye falls off or a ribbon gets torn away. These accessories or so-called details may have their adhesive or hems loosen up after years. This one is fairly easy to remedy though. Nothing a needle and thread or glue can’t fix!


Considered a nightmare, insects can find their way into stuffed toys and inhabit it making the item their home. Scary, we know! The only fix here is to change the stuffing and to do so one will have to place the toy inside a sealed plastic bag and freeze it in the fridge for two days. After which, de-stuff it, wash thoroughly, dry completely, put in new stuffing and sew back up.

Remember, stuffed animals and toys will only last if you know how to take care of them.

In Tune with History through the Queen Elizabeth II Steiff Bear

steiff-bearWhen it comes to toys, not many are able to combine a good chunk of history, design and cuddliness the way the Steiff brand does. Over the years and since the company’s birth more than a century ago, it has pioneered not only the design of teddy bears but also of special limited edition pieces that pay tribute, give memorial or celebrate certain events, milestones and individuals; a popular example being the Queen Elizabeth II Steiff bear.

The Queen Elizabeth bear is a five jointed, thirty centimeter tall, white Schulte mohair teddy that was recently released under the brand’s limited edition collection. It is a musical bear that plays “God Save the Queen”, the national anthem, and is dressed like the monarch it was designed for. It comes with a majestic royal coronation robe in deep blue with accented spotted plush edging and a matching crown.

Being one of the most well-known monarchs of the modern time, it wouldn’t be quite a surprise as to why a Steiff bear would be fashioned in the likes of Queen Elizabeth. But there is actually more to the story than just that. September 9, 2015 marked the date that Her Highness officially became the longest reigning British monarch of all time and the longest reigning queen regnant in the world. The teddy was designed and made for such occasion.

Now to give you a little more insight, let’s take a little trip down history lane. The late Queen Alexandrina Victoria of the great Victorian Era known for its great expansion of the British Empire and for the cultural, industrial, military, scientific and political change within the UK, used to hold such titles. She was the longest reigning British monarch and queen regnant before Queen Elizabeth exceeded her record of 63 years, 7 months and 2 days.

Queen Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn. After the death of her father’s three older brothers who left no legitimate surviving children, she inherited into the throne at the young age of 18 and continued to rule up to her death at the age of 81 on January 22, 1901. Queen Elizabeth is her great-great-granddaughter.

So you see the Steiff Queen Elizabeth II bear is more than just a cute and cuddly toy. It ties a piece of history upon itself making it more interesting than your regular toy.

Questions to Ask When You Buy Teddy Bears Online

Steiff bear onlineThanks to technology, cyber shopping has become a thing. In fact, we could consider it part of our lifestyles. It has slowly and successfully engraved itself in our millennial culture. One of things that we can purchase online is stuffed toys. Now, just like regular shopping there are things to be remembered and done to make a wise purchase. With that said, behold the following questions to ask when you buy teddy bears online.

The Question: “Why am I buying a teddy bear?”

The Purpose: Is it for yourself or someone else? What’s the occasion? Simply put, know the reason and the purpose behind the purchase. It may not feel very necessary but trust us. It will help in the decision process later on.

The Question: “Does the item suit the occasion and the recipient?”

The Purpose: If you’re buying a teddy bear as a present then it would be logical to buy one that suits the occasion and fits the likes, interest and personality of the receiver. After all, gift giving aims to make other happy and we can’t really achieve that if the item is unfit for the situation and the person.

The Question: “How much budget do I have to work with?”

The Purpose: Teddy bears come in all shapes, sizes, designs, colors, textures and of course prices. We can find many of them in the regular price range but others are heftier than some. These are the limited editions and vintage toys. Regardless of which ones you’d like to get, it is important to set a budget and know how much one can and is willing to spend.

The Question: “Does the shipping terms coincide with my requirements?”

The Purpose: When buying teddy bears online, always make sure to read and understand the shipping guidelines. Apart from the costs, also check on the courier and schedules. Should you purchase from the said site, will they be able to deliver it to your doorstep on time? What options are available? How about insurance?

The Question: “Is the site trustworthy and reputable?”

The Purpose: Lastly, as you buy teddy bears online, do a background search on the sites and shops before making a transaction. Ensure that they are a legit business and that their products are not only authentic but their service is sterling as well. A few clicks and research would mean wonders. Also, do check out reviews and feedback too.

Stuffed Animals Cleaning Tricks

stuffed-animalsMajority if not all of us have a stuffed toy or two. Of course, there are those that can fill up a room, if you know what we mean. Owning these toys means that we’ve got some responsibility to uphold. It may not be as much as it would be for a pet but taking good care of these items are necessary for upkeep otherwise they’ll get too worn out and might end up in the trash. Yikes! Nobody wants that for sure so we’ve teamed up with to bring you the following cleaning tricks for your stuffed animals!

Tip # 1: Inspection – It is crucial that the toys be examined on a regular basis. This way, spotting any dirt or damages would be easy and you can act on them swiftly. Schedule some checkups at least every month.

Tip # 2: Knowledge – It is important to know the manufacturer, the model and the type of materials used on the item. This will help you determine the right cleaning methods to take otherwise you might end up doing more harm than good. Look at the tag’s care instructions or look up the model and manufacturer on the internet.

Tip # 3: Time – Don’t wait out and procrastinate. The earlier you tend to the stain the easier it is to mend. Leaving it for long will not only make it hard to remove but can also open up other problems like bugs and rodent infestation.

Tip # 4: Supplies – Use the right supplies when washing your stuffed toys. Mild soap must be used and never touch bleaches. Soft bristled brushes, sponges and cloths are great. Hand washing is fine but so is using a machine. Just make sure that you place the toy in a mesh bag or pillow case before putting it in your washing machine for protection. It gets pretty dizzying in there.

Tip # 5: Temperature – Always go for lukewarm. Use room temperature water. Put your dryer on cool setting. Air-dry never sun-dry. The heat will cause colors to fade out and some accessories (like buttons) to melt.

Tip # 6: Repairs – Act on any tears and damages immediately. Tend to them if you can or you can also bring them to a professional toy repair shop if you are incapable or if the damage is pretty serious.

Tip # 7: Bugs – In the event that bugs infiltrate your toys, highly suggest removing and replacing the stuffing. Be sure to put the toy in a sealed bag and freeze it for twenty four hours first to kill the insects and eggs before you wash and re-stuff.