Fixed Fee Probate Solicitor Characteristics to Look For

The services of a fixed fee probate solicitor have been proven vital and necessary. Most people assume that writing a valid last will and testament is as easy as writing assets and heirs on a piece of paper. This isn’t true in any way as there are several legalities and procedures that have to be dealt with and if one isn’t knowledgeable enough then you might miss one or two and then later on, the beneficiaries suffer the consequences. No one wants that as it basically defeats the purpose of the will in the first place.

As much as getting a probate solicitor is important, so is getting a qualified one. You would not want services that are half bate or unprofessional. You need to get only the best and to do that you need to be in search of certain qualifications and characteristics as listed below:

  1. fixed fee probate solicitorSTRONG EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION – Because you’re going to deal with legal matters and documents, you most definitely need a professional who was trained and honed for the job. This boils down to the very foundation of it all which is educational training.


  1. ADEQUATE AND RELEVANT EXPERIENCE – As has been repeated over and over again, education is a must but relevant experience too is the best teacher. A fixed fee probate solicitor who has handled various clients adds an advantage.


  1. TIMELY AND PROMPT – No one wants things to drag and take too long. Although writing a valid will have certain requirements it wouldn’t drag on for much too long. You need a solicitor who is timely and prompt and who can easily make schedules and meetings available for you. They too should be fairly easy to contact and reach.


  1. CONTINUOUSLY SEEKS KNOWLEDGE – Because laws can change and be updated from time to time, these professionals should also have a sense of hunger for continued knowledge. After all, learning does not stop in school.


  1. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR – This applies both written and verbal skills. You are after all seeking a professional who will help you in writing a valid will. The said document need not only valid and binding but also understandable and direct so that they will not be misinterpreted at some point.


  1. COMMENDABLE CLIENT FEEDBACK – A good way to determine if a certain fixed fee probate solicitor indeed provides quality services is to check on feedbacks from past and present clients.

Cases that Call for a London Dispute Resolution Service

Simply put, a London dispute resolution service is the process by which a dispute, disagreement or conflict between parties is resolved. It is a matter that seeks to fix the argument with an agreement.

The thing about dispute resolution is that it is not a criminal matter and therefore does not seek jail time but rather either or the combination of monetary damages and specific performance from the offending party or the one claimed to have done the other wrong.

dispute resolution servicesDispute resolution services basically fall under two categories namely adjudicative and consensual. With the former, a third party such as a judge, jury or arbitrator determines the outcome of the case after both sides have aired out their concerns. Examples of this would be arbitration and litigations or lawsuits. On the other hand, with the latter category the conflicting parties aim to reach an agreement amongst them and therefore decide the outcome as with mediation, negotiation, collaborative law and conciliation.

So what common cases then call for such services? Let’s mention a few examples so you could understand better.

EMPLOYER and EMPLOYEE – Let’s take the case of an employee who claims to be wrongfully terminated by his boss. Lack of due process can be raised by the said staff to which he could ask for a sum equivalent to back wages, reinstatement to his post or both. This can be brought up to court through litigation but may also be settled among the parties through negotiation.

ARTIST and MARKETING COMPANY – Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names and images used in commerce. Let’s say that a freelance artist posts a copyrighted image of his work on his website. A marketing company in search of good quality images stumbles upon the said art and uses it in one of the campaigns for their clients. The artist can then set up damages should the marketing company fail to use the said artwork without consent especially considering that the latter earns profits from it.

MOTORIST and PEDESTRIAN – Road and vehicular accidents happen. The fault can be attributed to the motorist who fails to abide by traffic rules such as speed limits and traffic lights or the pedestrian could be at fault by crossing a part of the road that is not permissible. A dispute resolution service may be needed to settle any disagreements between both parties.

LANDLORD and LESSEE – A London dispute resolutions service is also popularly called for when it comes to landlord and lessee disputes such as eviction and dilapidation cases.

How to Get Yourself the Best Civil Litigation Solicitors in Barnet

When it comes to serious conflicts or disputes that translate to civil litigation cases, it has become second nature for most of us to go and look for the services of a trusted professional. This is not only true but also the best thing to do. It is a given that not everyone is versed with the law, it being broad and complex requires specialization and only a few have gone down that career path. But how does one find the best civil litigation solicitors in Barnet just like MHHP Law? Would it be hard and challenging or is it a piece of cake. Actually it is a sweet spot in between but with the right ways, one can make the search less dreary and more rewarding. Here’s how:

civil-litigation-solicitors-barnetTry to ask mister internet. With the modern world creating for us a convenient information highway, you can easily make use of the internet to look for the professionals you need. As simple as typing the words “civil litigation solicitors in Barnet” will generate hundreds to thousands of options for you. Take advantage of this.

Look for people who have hired one before. If you know someone from whom you can get sound referrals and recommendations from then do ask. However, do be sure that the people you seek such referrals from have had actual and firsthand experience with the civil litigation professional’s service that they suggest.

Always go looking for relevant and trustworthy feedback. Should you not know anyone who has somebody to recommend then you can instead look at online bogs, forums and websites for any review or feedback about a certain professional or firm’s services. It is however necessary to take an extra degree of care and caution here as you are not a hundred percent certain if the person giving their opinion is completely honest and trustworthy which brings us to the next item.

Make that phone call or get an appointment. Once you have shortlisted you candidates then grab your phone and make a call, get your computer and type out an email or you can even schedule up a meeting. Here you can inquire services, fees and other questions that you might have. Additionally it allows you to get a grasp of the professional vis-à-vis.

Remember certain qualifications. There are certain characteristics to look for in the best civil litigation solicitors in Barnet. To name a few we have valuable negotiation skills, written and verbal communication proficiency, resourcefulness and research expertise, wide knowledge about the law and specific expertise or line of civil litigation service.

The Benefits of a Fixed Fee Divorce Versus a Traditional One


A divorce procedure is called upon when a couple would want to formally separate and end their marriage. The process is undertaken by couples with the aid of their legal counsels. Because this is a legal process, it should be dealt with and handled with caution. Family law is a broad one and not everyone is familiar with it. Besides the law in itself is rather complex. It is therefore understandable that such procedure is fairly impossible to get done according to the wishes and terms agreed by both parties without a law professional. On that note, let’s talk about the fixed fee divorce.

family-law-solicitorsWhat is it and is it any different than the traditional one? The only line that separates the two would be regarding the professional fee. With a fixed fee divorce, the professional and their client will agree on a definite and lump sum amount for the entire service. With the latter, the fee often adds up hourly as they are charged on a per hour basis.

Now let’s talk about benefits…

  • LESSER AMOUNT OF COSTS – With a fee that has been capped off from the beginning, it does not rise up as hours and days go by. You do not have to worry about it exploding in your faces. The separation itself can bring about emotional stresses and being brought down financially is never welcome. Having a fixed rate is however greeted with open arms.


  • IDENTIFIED LEVEL OF FEES – Because the professional service fee is already identified, the parties can determine if such is feasible for them and if they can make their budgets work. After all, no one wants expenses that continually add up.


  • SAME OF SERVICES – Despite of the said fixed rate, the services rendered by the divorce professionals are still the same. In fact you can also discuss the terms and services included in the agreement. It’s a win-win situation because you get the services you need at an amount you can afford.


  • SAME LEVEL OF QUALITY – At the same time, quality is still preserved in this type of service arrangement. Clients need not worry that this will diminish as law professionals will always uphold their virtues and standards that their occupation calls for.


  • STRESS LESS – A fixed fee divorce is also a popular choice for divorcing couples who want less hassle, stress and conflict during the entire procedure.