8 Gentle Reminders When You Buy Teddy Bears Online for Children

buy teddy bears onlineAs parents or dedicated aunties and uncles, to buy teddy bears online for the little ones can be a fun task. Aside from the idea of putting a smile on their faces, it also allows adults to revisit or even relive their childhood which admittedly is a fun treat.

But buying toys, as simple as it may sound, isn’t a task that can be taken lightly especially when kids are involved. A great deal of care and caution must be had when approaching it. That said we’ve listed down 8 gentle reminders when shopping teddy bears for children as follows.

  1. Know what they like. Kids aren’t just picky. They are brutally honest too so they’ll give you a piece of their mind without batting an eyelash such as whether or not they like the gift. Knowing their preferences should help us not go astray.
  2. Avoid redundancy. Unless we’re talking food, children aren’t fans of receiving the same item again. This brings us to our point earlier. Know what they like (and not have yet).
  3. Keep it age appropriate. Not all teddy bears are for every age group. What a five year old enjoys may not be suitable or fun for a one year old and vice versa.
  4. Mind the size. For safety reasons, avoid getting kids stuffed animal toys that are bigger and heavier than them. These may topple over and suffocate them at sleep or during play. They also increase the likelihood of accidents.
  5. Choose quality and durability. Kids aren’t the most careful of creatures and so the sturdier an item is the better. These teddy bears will be played with nonstop and quality is a must for them to last and not rip apart.
  6. Beware of choking hazards. No matter how much we tell them, children will always find away to put something in their mouth that’s not exactly food. For safety reasons, never buy teddy bears that come with choking hazards such as small accessories, long and removable ribbons or strings, loosely stitched or glued buttons and the like.
  7. Mind the fine print. Read the label, box or tags that the toy came with. This includes important details like care instructions, age appropriateness, toxic free rating and more.
  8. Make it easy to handle. It is best to opt for teddy bears that are easy to care and maintain; ones which will remain intact and in good condition even after several washing.

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