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steiff bears shopAre you planning to buy teddy bears online anytime soon? If you are then we’ve got some reminders to get you by. Here, take a look and have a read.

  • Eye the lock. – Because you will be sharing confidential information over the internet, it is imperative that you take caution when dealing with websites. As a safety practice, only transact with sites that run a secure sockets layer encryption. These are those that begin with an “https” in their web address. You will also observe a green padlock in the status bar for this.
  • Secure your connection. – How safe is your internet connection? It would be best to avoid buying online if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi. Moreover, make sure that you’ve got anti-virus software installed just so you avoid any attacks in case you come vis-à-vis a threat while searching the web.
  • Run a background check. – Trust is important and you’ll need it when you buy from a merchant or store. This necessitates that you do your homework and research on them before purchasing. Reviews and feedback should be aplenty all over the internet so use that to your advantage.
  • Skip when it’s too good to be true. – We are often told that when something is too good to be true, it often usually is. It’s best to play it safe than suffer the consequences later. This brings us to our next reminder.
  • Compare prices. – Chances are a number of merchants will carry the same or a similar item. Canvass and compare their offers so you get a good idea about the toy’s average value. If it’s far too cheap, it’s usually a shady deal. Canvassing will also help you save and transact with the best seller out there.
  • Check the shipping terms. – You’ll have the teddy bears delivered so for sure you’ll want to know how long it will take. More than that, you’ll have to know the costs to it. The price of the toy should be computed by adding up its selling price, shipping fee and custom fees and taxes if any. Remember that as you canvass and compare merchants.
  • Use safer paying options. – For the best part, cash on delivery is safest but it’s not the most convenient for everyone. When you buy teddy bears online, it is advisable to opt for credit rather than debit cards and when you do make sure to check your billing statement immediately to validate your transactions. You’ll have a grace period to inform your bank if something seems wrong and they can cancel the transaction so you won’t get charged,