Common Damages in Stuffed Animals and How to Fix Them

stuffedanimalsStuffed animals are no stranger to damages. They are after all toys and they’re bound to be played with. Wear and tear can take its toll on them eventually but there are ways to fix damages and bring your favorite cuddly wonders back to their clean and charming selves.

Take a look at this list of common damages in stuffed animals and the different means and methods of fixing them. We assure you; these will come in handy someday.


Perhaps the most common predicament of all, stains are no longer foreign to our ears and our sights. At some point we come to expect them even. For minor stains, a damp cloth should do the trick but in more severe cases, the toy will have to be fully submerged and washed. No matter the dirt, never use bleaching products.


Another usual dilemma, hems and seams tend to loosen up or get broken at some point. The best toys out there may have absolutely durable stitching but nothing in this world is fully indestructible. Fear not though because there isn’t anything that your basic sewing skills can’t do.


This one is way trickier than the former because a part of the stuffed animal has completely detached or fallen off from its body. Sounds murderous right? Again, this is fixed by sewing or the use of fabric glue but in the event that the damage is too large to handle, you might have to bring it to a repair shop.


At times, an eye falls off or a ribbon gets torn away. These accessories or so-called details may have their adhesive or hems loosen up after years. This one is fairly easy to remedy though. Nothing a needle and thread or glue can’t fix!


Considered a nightmare, insects can find their way into stuffed toys and inhabit it making the item their home. Scary, we know! The only fix here is to change the stuffing and to do so one will have to place the toy inside a sealed plastic bag and freeze it in the fridge for two days. After which, de-stuff it, wash thoroughly, dry completely, put in new stuffing and sew back up.

Remember, stuffed animals and toys will only last if you know how to take care of them.