Stuffed Animals Cleaning Tricks

stuffed-animalsMajority if not all of us have a stuffed toy or two. Of course, there are those that can fill up a room, if you know what we mean. Owning these toys means that we’ve got some responsibility to uphold. It may not be as much as it would be for a pet but taking good care of these items are necessary for upkeep otherwise they’ll get too worn out and might end up in the trash. Yikes! Nobody wants that for sure so we’ve teamed up with to bring you the following cleaning tricks for your stuffed animals!

Tip # 1: Inspection – It is crucial that the toys be examined on a regular basis. This way, spotting any dirt or damages would be easy and you can act on them swiftly. Schedule some checkups at least every month.

Tip # 2: Knowledge – It is important to know the manufacturer, the model and the type of materials used on the item. This will help you determine the right cleaning methods to take otherwise you might end up doing more harm than good. Look at the tag’s care instructions or look up the model and manufacturer on the internet.

Tip # 3: Time – Don’t wait out and procrastinate. The earlier you tend to the stain the easier it is to mend. Leaving it for long will not only make it hard to remove but can also open up other problems like bugs and rodent infestation.

Tip # 4: Supplies – Use the right supplies when washing your stuffed toys. Mild soap must be used and never touch bleaches. Soft bristled brushes, sponges and cloths are great. Hand washing is fine but so is using a machine. Just make sure that you place the toy in a mesh bag or pillow case before putting it in your washing machine for protection. It gets pretty dizzying in there.

Tip # 5: Temperature – Always go for lukewarm. Use room temperature water. Put your dryer on cool setting. Air-dry never sun-dry. The heat will cause colors to fade out and some accessories (like buttons) to melt.

Tip # 6: Repairs – Act on any tears and damages immediately. Tend to them if you can or you can also bring them to a professional toy repair shop if you are incapable or if the damage is pretty serious.

Tip # 7: Bugs – In the event that bugs infiltrate your toys, highly suggest removing and replacing the stuffing. Be sure to put the toy in a sealed bag and freeze it for twenty four hours first to kill the insects and eggs before you wash and re-stuff.