This is Why People Go Crazy for Collectible Teddy Bears

Steiff-Teddy-Bear-MuseumCollectible teddy bears have found their way into the hearts and shelves of many toy aficionados and enthusiasts worldwide. It’s no longer surprising to see them among the other exquisite and much talked about pieces in various museums and auctions all over the globe. They’re quite a phenomenal hit among many and can even fetch millions of dollars per piece. Remember that Steiff Louis Vuitton bear?

But why exactly do many people go crazy over collectible teddy bears? We’ve got the answers so go on and read!

  1. They hold a piece of history.

Collectible pieces come in two forms, a limited edition release and a vintage find. Sometimes and in rare instances, it can be both. For example, the Steiff Mourning Bear released as a commemoration and sign of grief during the tragic sinking of the Titanic is rare that only 600 pieces were made and they were released around 1912. Old and vintage bears hold a piece of history in them which is pretty priceless to say the least.

  1. They’ve got quite the story to tell.

Many of these collectibles have an interesting note to them. They may not be special in a way that they were limited models but they’re a gem because of their previous owners and the events they have witnessed with their glass and button eyes.

  1. They’re one of a kind.

For obvious reasons, collectible teddy bears are one of a kind. Not everybody has them and only one or a relative few survive among particular models from old. Limited editions come in small batches making them very exclusive. There’s a certain charm to this element that draws people in.

  1. They’re round about adorable.

We have to admit that toys are adorable in their own ways. Teddies are cuddly and cute and pretty charming so it’s hard not to notice them. There’s a certain tone and aura to these toys that can make you smile and go “ooh” and “aah”.

  1. They’re a piece of heirloom.

Collectible teddy bears can be very valuable in terms of money. They aren’t cheap to begin with. While some can be considered more affordable for newbie collectors, there are those that are skyrocket expensive you won’t even believe that they exist! This makes them not just a collection item but also a heirloom of sorts passed from one generation to another.

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