Ways to Care for Your Collectible Teddy Bears

Steiff-black-bearsCollectible teddy bears are such a joy to have. More than rarity and the sense of exclusivity, their stories and histories make them quite the memorabilia, a memento of sorts. But with that comes responsibility. These toys won’t fend for themselves. They need us to take care of them and if we want them to last a lifetime or more, think heirlooms, then we need to apply adequate and proper care. Today, we tell you how.

Storage plays an integral part in terms of sanitation and safety. Options like open shelving, cabinets and similar installations make way for both display and safekeeping. For those with the budget, glass cases or cabinets with glass doors can help keep as much dust and dirt out. Moreover, keeping them away from moisture and humidity is a must as the two have a way of rotting the toys for good.

Aside from protecting the toys from as much dirt as possible, proper storage keeps them away from prying hands and paws. Although collectible teddy bears can be played with too, with the exception of sensitive and rare vintage pieces, they’re not going to bid well with toddlers and pets.

Cleaning is also part of the equation. A few dusting every once in a while is enough to get them clean but in some cases where stubborn stains are involved, washing becomes an option. Because collectibles are often made of special materials like precious metals for instance and vintage pieces being sensitive, the expertise of a professional toy repair shop may be required. In such cases, it would be best to locate one within the area. Seeking guidance from them should also help shed some light as to what amount of cleaning can be done to a particular bear. After all, teddies are unique and their needs will vary.

Regular inspection should also be done. Sometimes collectible bears may be left on their shelves for long and although this is fine, we never know if we’ve missed something until we take a hard look. For instance, insects may come to find the toys and decide to invade it, rather its stuffing. This can be a very nerve wrecking issue for collectors because it has all the potential to damage the collectible teddy bears for good. Running a regular check every several weeks or so can help prevent this from happening.